Allied & Health Care ( Job Oriented & Skill Development Program )

Course Code Course Title Duration Qualification
AH001 Advanced Diploma Forensic Science 1  Year Graduation
AH002 Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH003 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Research 6 Months All life-sciences Courses, Pharmacy
AH004 Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology 6 Months Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH005 Advanced Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science 1  Year Graduation
AH006 Advanced Diploma in Dialysis Technology 1  Year Bachelors in science background
AH007 Advanced Diploma in Nuclear Medicine Technology 1  Year Graduation with Physic
AH008 Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Management 1  Year 10+2
AH009 Advanced Diploma in Pharmacovgilance 6 Months Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH010 Advanced Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Counselling 1  Year 10th
AH011 Advanced Program in Clinical Data Management 2 Months 10+2
AH012 Advanced Program in Clinical Trail Management 6 months Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH013 Anaesthesia Technology Training 6 Months 10+2
AH014 Certificate Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery 6 Months 10+2
AH015 Certificate Ayruveda Nursing Course 6 Months 10+2
AH016 Certificate Course for Health Workers 6 Months 10+2
AH017 Certificate Course in Forensic Science Expert 6 Months 10+2
AH018 Certificate course in Hospital Management 6 Months 10+2
AH019 Certificate Course in Medical Records Management 6 Months 10+2
AH020 Certificate Course in Multi Rehabilitation Worker 6 Months 10th
AH021 Certificate course in Nursing 6 Months 10+2
AH022 Certificate Course in Operation Theatre Technician 6 Months 10th
AH023 Certificate Course in Optical Sales 6 Months 10th
AH024 Certificate course in Radiography 1  Year 10th
AH025 Certificate Course in Radiography Diagnostic 6 Months 10th
AH026 Certificate Course in Radiologic Technologist 6 Months 10th
AH027 Certificate Course in Trichology 6 Months Graduation
AH028 Certificate course in X-Ray Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH029 Certificate Course in X-Ray Technician 6 Months 10th
AH030 Certificate Course in Yoga and Alternative Therapy 6 Months 10th
AH031 Certificate Course in Yoga Education 6 Months 10th
AH032 Certificate Cytology Technician Training 6 Months 10+2
AH033 Certificate in Advanced Hair Science 1  Year 10+2
AH034 Certificate in Basic Magneto Therapy 6 Months 10th
AH035 Certificate in Bio Magnetic Therapy 6 Months 10th
AH036 Certificate in Chromotherapy 6 Months 10+2
AH037 Certificate in Cosmetology 4 Months Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH038 Certificate in Dark Room Assistant 6 Months 10th
AH039 Certificate in Dental Hygienist 6 Months 10+2
AH040 Certificate in Dispensing Optics 6 Months 10th
AH041 Certificate in Electrology/ Electrolosis 1  Year 10+2
AH042 Certificate in Junior Laboratory Technician 6 Months 10th
AH043 Certificate in Laboratory Technician /Laboratory Assistant 6 Months 10+2
AH044 Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology 6 Months 10+2
AH045 Certificate in Medical Tourism 6 Months 10+2
AH046 Certificate in Ophthalmic Assistance 6 Months 10th
AH047 Certificate in Opthalmic Techniques 6 Months 10th
AH048 Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy 6 Months 10th
AH049 Certificate Program in Clinical Research 3 Months 10+2
AH050 Certificate Program in Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance 6 Months 10+2
AH051 Certificate Program in Quality Assurance in Clinical Research 6 Months 10+2
AH052 Certification in Radiography 6 Months 10th
AH053 Certification of Ophthalmic Optic Course 6 Months 10th
AH054 Contact Lens Fitting Training 6 Months 10th
AH055 Dental Laboratory Equipment Mechanic 1  Year 10+2
AH056 Dental Laboratory Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH057 Dental Operating Room Assistant 1  Year 10+2
AH058 Diploma in Anaesthesia Technician (DANS) 1  Year 10+2
AH059 Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy 1  Year 10+2
AH060 Diploma in Beauty Culture and Cosmetology 1  Year Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH061 Diploma in C.T Scan Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH062 Diploma in Cardiology Technician (DCARDIO) 1  Year 10+2
AH063 Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH064 Diploma in Cathlab Technician (DCLT) 1  Year 10+2
AH065 Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH066 Diploma in Clinical Research and Data Management 1  Year Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH067 Diploma in Color Therapy/Chromotherapy 1  Year 10+2
AH068 Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation 1  Year 10+2
AH069 Diploma in Criminology 1  Year 10+2
AH070 Diploma in Dental Assistant 1  Year 10+2
AH071 Diploma in Dental Ceramic Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH072 Diploma in Dental Mechanics 1  Year 10+2
AH073 Diploma in Dental Technology 6 Months Graduation (Bi,P,C)
AH074 Diploma in Dental Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH075 Diploma in Dermatology & Laboratory Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH076 Diploma in Dialysis Technician (DDIALY) 1  Year 10+2
AH077 Diploma in EEG Laboratory Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH078 Diploma in Electrocardiography Technique (DECGT) 1  Year 10+2
AH079 Diploma in Electrology/ Electrolosis 1  Year 10+2
AH080 Diploma in Finger Print Examination  1  Year 10+2
AH081 Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminology 1  Year Graduation
AH082 Diploma in Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy 1  Year 10+2
AH083 Diploma in Hand and Leprosy Physiotherapy Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH084 Diploma in Hearing Impaired 1  Year 10+2
AH085 Diploma in Hearing Speech & Language 1  Year 10+2
AH086 Diploma in Histopathology laboratory Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH087 Diploma in Hospital Administration 1  Year 10+2
AH088 Diploma in Hospital Management 1  Year 10+2
AH089 Diploma in Hospital Management and Medical Tourism 1  Year 10+2
AH090 Diploma in Hospital Records Management 1  Year 10+2
AH091 Diploma in Hydro Therapy 1  Year 10+2
AH092 Diploma in Laboratory Technician / Assistant 1  Year 10+2
AH093 Diploma in Magnetic Therapy 1  Year 10+2
AH094 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician (DMIT) 1  Year 10+2
AH095 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH096 Diploma in Medical Radiation Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH097 Diploma in Medical Tourism 1  Year 10+2
AH098 Diploma in Mental Retardation 1  Year 10+2
AH099 Diploma in MRI Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH100 Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences 1  Year 10+2
AH101 Diploma in Neuro Technology 1  Year Graduation with Physic
AH102 Diploma in Nursing 1  Year 10+2
AH103 Diploma in Occupational Therapist 1  Year 10+2
AH104 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician (DOTT)  1  Year 10+2
AH105 Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant 1  Year 10+2
AH106 Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques 1  Year 10+2
AH107 Diploma in Ophthalmology 1  Year 10+2
AH108 Diploma in Optometry 1  Year 10+2
AH109 Diploma in Perfusion Technician (DPERFU) 1  Year 10+2
AH110 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management 1  Year 10+2
AH111 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Packaging Management 1  Year 10+2
AH112 Diploma in Pharmacy 1  Year 10+2
AH113 Diploma in Physiotherapy 1  Year 10+2
AH114 Diploma in Practical Nursing 1  Year 10+2
AH115 Diploma in Prosthetics and Orthotics Engineering 1  Year 10+2
AH116 Diploma in Psychology 1  Year 10+2
AH117 Diploma in Radiodiagnostic Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH118 Diploma in Radiography and Radiotherapy 1  Year 10+2
AH119 Diploma in Reflexology 1  Year 10+2
AH120 Diploma in Special Education (Cerebral Palsy) 1  Year 10+2
AH121 Diploma in Trichology 1  Year 10+2
AH122 Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy 1  Year 10+2
AH123 diploma in Visually Handicapped 1  Year 10+2
AH124 Diploma in X-Ray Assistant 1  Year 10+2
AH125 Diploma in X-Ray Imaging Technology 1  Year 10+2
AH126 Diploma in X-Ray Technician 1  Year 10+2
AH127 Diploma in Yoga 1  Year 10th
AH128 Diploma in Yoga Education 1  Year 10th
AH129 Dispensing and Fitting Course 6 Months 10th
AH130 Drug Store Management Course 1  Year 10+2
AH131 General Nursing and Midwifery 6 months 10+2
AH132 Opticians Comprehensive Course 6 Months 10th
AH133 Radiological Assistant Training 6 Months 10th
AH134 Sight Testing Course 6 Months 10th